Black Wool Maxi Skirt

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This luxurious black maxi skirt is constructed with fabric made of 50% wool / 35% viscose rayon (this fiber helps the fabric feel soft and smooth) / 15% polyester. It falls beautifully in folds and is fully lined to give the skirt structure.

The wool fabric is from a supplier who specializes in "deadstock" - unwanted fabric from the fashion industry that would otherwise go to waste. The company has great sustainability principles and even ships the fabric in biodegradable organic-based packaging instead of plastic. The lining fabric is made in the USA, which cuts down on transport emissions as most fabrics are shipped from overseas.

It has a flattering high-waisted waistband that fastens with a hook, with a back zipper.

As a designer, my goal is to promote Slow Fashion by creating completely handmade items with high quality materials, while striving to reduce waste and implement sustainability into my fashion business. 

The products I make are not the same as what comes out of a factory, they are born out of my creative passion for clothing and fashion.

I am involved in the complete process from the design phase, to creating patterns and samples, to choosing the best and most beautiful fabrics, to actually making the end product that I have the joy of seeing you wearing!